Amazlab LED Desk Lamp-Black Color


Amazlab LED Desk  Lamp-Black Color

Power Input: DC 5.0V 350mA
Wattage: 4.5 watts
LED Count: 22 pcs
Luminous Flux: 250 LM
Body Size: L 35X D 0.6 inches L 89cm x D 1.5cm
Clamp: L 4.4 X W 2.9/1.2 inches L 11.2cm x W 7.5/3cm
NET Weight: 0.96 lbs./437g
Switch Type: Touch sensitive
Max Clamping: 2.6 inches/6.5cm
Dim Mode: Seamlessly Touch Dimmable
Material: Steel
Color: White

Amazlab LED Extra Long Necked Desk Lamp comes as a single unit that doesn’t need installation.
It has: rubber foam padding, between the clamp and two elastic bands behind each “teeth” of the clip to prevent scratching/marking your desk, 22 White LED pieces that are designed to protect your eyes from strain, an extra-long neck with core strengthening technology that guarantees the lamp will be able to hold its position and an extra-long USB ended cord for flexible charging.
Often used as: desk lamp, work lamp, drafting lamp, backlighting for drafting boards, display lamp, grill lamp. Couple with a power bank to be used in areas without an available electrical socket.
1. Clamp it on any available ledge/desk/surface.
2. Plug into any available USB port (laptop/notebook/desktop) to power the lamp OR Attach it to a power bank for portable use.
3. Touch Sensitive switch is located on the tip of the light. To switch it on/off, tap the touch sensitive switch once. To dim/brighten this lamp, hold your finger on it until you get the exact brightness you wish for. For demonstration, please watch our video on YouTube:
Avoid clamping the lamp on metal surfaces as this may interfere with its circuitry and may prevent it from functioning normally.


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